'Retro Classic' frame

Recreate the classic frames of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Steve Goff has sourced original Reynolds and Columbus tubing, lugs, bottom brackets, fork crowns and frame fittings from days gone by. Take this opportunity to have a frame made from authentic materials to your own requirements.

The cost for a Classic frame includes the following:

531, 631, 753, 531 Super Tourist

SL, SLX, Cromor, Hexagonal, Starshape, Air with seat-post

VERY LIMITED SUPPLY, Prices on application

Available options:

curved seat and top tubes
fancy cast lugs
hand cut lugs + bottom brackets
Zeus rear ends
aero fork crowns
round track crowns
small brake and gear stops
bottom bracket cable slides
fork + brake bridge strengtheners
old style brake bridges
threaded sleeves
many more old fittings

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